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One Shot's writing
when the power of a pen and a papper is enough to make us happy
10th-Oct-2010 03:04 pm - Friends Only
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I decided to get my Live Journal to 'Friends Only' because lately I've been posting a lot of photos and I am having this urge to do videos? Porbably it will go away, but I'm still getting this done. So from now on, 'Friends Only'
I'll still be adding people, I love to follow blogs and just talk to others.
Stay safe.

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9th-Oct-2010 09:54 pm - Hello dear ones
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Today I have a few things to write and a new way of blogging for me: videos! I feel so ful of shit now xD but it was funny!

These last weeks have been fun. I did my first cupcakes, they were pretty for the first time, but I still have to learn those creams... Anyway, they were delicious!

See? They were cuteeee. Our babies :)

Milk and Dark Chocolate for the top. Dark ones were really good.

Me and Inês exchanged a necklace, it was so beautiful. It's two halves of a heart: one has 'Friends' written and the other has 'Forever'. I happilly wear it very often.
And she got to see 'Jackass 2' finally, but unfortunally - just like the other times - she couldn't finish it, she had to go. I was happy though, it was interesting because none of us knows how to cook that well soooo :)
I've been trying on some nail art, slowly I'll get it perfect, as much as make up, I find it the best way to spend dead times, specially when I don't feel like studying. Ugh.

I dyed my hair red again! The fun part is that I brought my mom into this also. Red  was always her favourite colour of hair, and the best that suited her, but ever since she's with my stepfather she was on the deep brown or blonde. Yes, she fell in the mistake of dying blonde, now it won't go away and she has to dye it every now and then. Of course he doesn't like red, that was why she never dyed like it again, but because of me, she did so now we look like sisters almost (I know she loves it and hopefully she will keep on not giving a fuck to what he thinks of the hair), she's beautiful. I feel beautiful too.

Right now I'm about to do a movie night with Francisca! :)

30th-Aug-2010 07:45 pm - So, I saw Toy Story 3
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I finally got to see this, went with my little cousin Marta (you know, the one I took pictures of with my clothes...funny xD). She loved the movie, which I enjoyed because I felt like I was more exicted than her...
I loved it from begginning to the end, everything! I loved that they showed early images of Andy and the toys playing when he was little singing "You have a friend in me"; their invencible friendship; the little girl; barbie and ken!!!! OMG; Buzz in his spanish dance and talking; Andy's last play with them...
I had a blast watching it, although you don't really want to see my face at the end when I got out of the room... But well, as I said, I was happy that the little one liked it too because then it would really suck if I got out more histerical than her.
I guess I'll have to have this on DVD...blame it on me, but it was perfect.

26th-Aug-2010 03:56 pm(no subject)
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From now on, every time I should share personal photos I'll make it 'friends only'. But not the whole blog, just those ones.
18th-Aug-2010 09:32 pm - Small note
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I'mma do a friends only post next, just to post personal photos of the trip - just saying
9th-Aug-2010 02:05 pm - First week and counting
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Yesterday was the very last day of my first week here, in Faial and it means the last day of the "Semana do Mar" which is a festival that happens here every year during one week. For me the last day is always the best, and not because it ends, but because it has the finest concerts and fireworks and all the people I know are there enjoying it until the last minute.

It was a great day, all of it! In the morning, I stayed in my grandma's and spent some time with her while my cousin Isabel, Filipe and their mother went to the church. I got dressed quickly and a hour later they came to get me as they promised. They were ready: comfy clothes, some chicken, my uncle's pizza and our drinks - now we just had to get going to our road trip as planed. Well, we didn't have an exact plan, we would just drive around the island to the very top and see all of it at once. But the most beautiful part is the road until you get there. We were having fun waving goodbye to every single car which passed us by and some of them answered back, which was fun, and at some point we waved to people we did know, so it turned even more fun because those really answered back and just minutes later we would found out who they really were. We ate our pizza outside but it almost rained, I'm glad it didn't because the beautiful flowers of this Island are looking the best when the sun is out, although it would have been nice to rain so it'd be part of our little adventure.
Adventure, because we had no place to go. We really just drove around until it was time to get into the party.
We then stopped at this fountain called "Fonte dos namorados" - in english "Lover's fountain". It was the secret place where lovers would go to spend time together in early days, when parents were restrict, they would say they would get some water but the truth was that they were going to see their lovers. Oh well, it has the most sweet and fresh water of the world. Me, who doesn't drink much water (just because) loves that one, it really is pure. And then we put a giant towel in the grass and I ended up taking a nap right there while they played cards. It was too good.

Then we came back and had the best day of the festival.
This girl, Sarah Pacheco, was singing covers, beautiful songs. She has an amazing strong yet lovely voice and she sang everything from Robin Williams to Celine Dion - yes she sang "my heart will go on" and I would have cried like a baby if I had listen to the whole of it, but unfortunally me and my aunt had little luck.

Imagine this: the festival has its place in a full road, all the lenght of it. My uncle's pizza place is in one extreme point of the road, the stage is in the very opposite extreme, which means that to go to there we have to walk the whole road. SO we're in the pizza place and we recognize her voice and we screamed like chickens and ran all the way to the stage and when we hit it the song was ending and this was our night! Running around trying to catch any song... poor us! ~

And then the fireworks. It was amazing and I don't know if its because of my period but I cried like a baby watching it, remembering my trip to Disney and how I wished my stepmother was with me to witness one more time fireworks. Oh! And my cousin's boyfriend sang! I was just blown away. I met him at the beach and he is so white and so not pretty. Sorry, J.
But as he sang, with the tuxedo and the honest smile, he sang so beautifully and honestly it was amazing. I got all emotional too. Blame it on me.

Ok, enough spitting for today. I have a lot else to say but it will be later.
6th-Aug-2010 02:57 pm - Ridin' Azores
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I would put here some photos if I would found my USB... But am not sure if I brought it. Anyways, things are...ok.
I'm having fun yes. I'm spending time with my grandma and mostly with my little cousins Isabel and Filipe. It's been good, we spend much time at the kitchen making peanut butter cookies - they're good, I tell ya - tea for grandma and we actually made her a surprise and made up a table outside and did hot chocolate with the cookies and it was pretty great. Me and Isabel put ourselves in a bath together and we put there warm water with some leaves that is said they relax the body, and it was really nice. I almost couldn't walk to my bed because my body was actually pushing me down :)
My brother is spending this week with André and Joana, but they are with other cousins and friends too, so I feel so out-of-the-scene when I'm with them so I didn't spend any night with them yet, not until their house is less crowded... Hope it happens soon because I'm having a very selfish feeling and I can't stand Isabel anymore.
I do love her but she follows me everywhere! If I take a shower, she takes a shower. If I say "I prefer to take one in the morning" she goes right back to me. Yesterday I went to André's to watch a movie with him and she freaking came with me laughing about silly stuff from the movie that weren't even funny. I arrived Sunday and since then the only night I spent without her was the first one, which I spent with my brother. If I want to be with my grandma she sleeps here in Grandma's. If I have to help her mother in the kitchen, she jumps until I accept to sleep in her oh-so-pretty Hannah Montana themed bedroom...
I'm so tired! I'm a solitary person, I hate to have someone constantly glued to me liking everything I say and disliking the second I say the reverse... I hate that she does everything I do and that leaves all the decisions to me as like she doesn't have an opinion.
But I'm ok... for now.

Today I'm going to my grandpa's country house, you know where the wines are made. He did some changes there about the space so we would be pleased to go. But they don't understand that the real problem is that I'm not a country girl, I can't stand so much green about me and they putting me that the whole afternoon - ouch!
Then I'm coming back to Isabel's mother's so we can help her making some type of bread, but tastes like a cake, I don't know, it's so sweet and appealing to eat. So maybe I'm spending the night there. KILL ME RIGHT THIS SECOND.
I like to be there, she has the giant beautiful bed - luckily it hasn't the freaking face of Hannah Montana drawn there! But in the morning her father wakes us early so he can get us to grandma's... ehhh. I'm not a morning person so that's so not in my favourites times of vacations. I prefer to wake here at grandma's and just have my breakfast whatever the time I wake up and just be and get fresh country air.
That didn't sound so good right now... Only smelly cows are coming to my mind, I guess I might shut the hell up now, I feel like I'm spiting all this out. I just needed to get my thoughts organized, since I forgot my notebook and my pen which I'm supposed to carry everywhere. Ugh!

I guess I'll spit a lot out later, because I have a lot to say more. But this is booring enough...

I'll be back
27th-Jul-2010 11:57 pm - December awaits priceless time
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I just came back from the mall and I bought - besides the new three lovely tops to wear in my vacation in Azores! - MY FREAKING TICKET TO THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS CONCERT HERE IN LISBON!


I'm going see them for the 3rd time and I know it'll be as good as the others. The only thing that's pushing me back a little - Why the fuck they have the VIP tickets? what can people like me (broke) do? I can't afford saying my thank you personally and have my ticket signed if I have to pay over 100 euros!! And I didn't have the luck to enter any of the signing lines the early two concerts so... I'm a mess right now.
Well, I'm just so happy that I have my normal standing ticket though!

And I'm finally feeling the good-anxious feeling of going on a plane and see the place where I was born, which I miss, kinda, and my family. Ugh! I'm so not good at this.
4th-Jul-2010 01:55 am - And.. back to granparents'!
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Yeah, I'm going away again. This time for two straight weeks...not excited!
I may bring some pretty pictures when I come back, and I'll come back ready to spend a lovely time with friends, because they are who I miss the most there. Of course some time "off" of the world is good, but I get so bored the 4th day! I can't even...
Wish you have a better vacation than mine.

p.s. uh, my hair is red! :) (mom let no pink)
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